Shopla is a cooperation with a friend and former colleague, who is developing a new e-commerce framework.


Custom HTML/CSS/JavaScript, hosted on AWS S3, with Cloudflare as a CDN, AWS Lambda for the email signup.


During the height of the Corona crisis, this friend and a small team built an e-commerce solution especially aimed at smaller shops. These shop owners were hit hardest by the pandemic and often had no online presence and no expertise in this field, so the aim was making on-boarding and maintenance as accessible as possible.


My job was building the website and working out a roadmap. For the website I got some inspiration from stripe. I wanted a similar look, to convey a modern and sleek, yet solid and dependable feel. I built the HTML, CSS and JS by hand and used Amazon S3 for hosting, fronted by a Cloudflare CDN to keep costs low and accommodate for potential traffic surges. The dynamic part where you submit your email is implemented with AWS Lambda, which saves the email in a database and sends out a confirmation email.

Business Case#

The website’s main goal is to promote Shopla and gather email addresses. With the development and funding we’re going a slightly unconventional route and exploring implementations of crypto tokens and smart-contracts. The website is a first step in recruiting customers and funding and gauge general interest in such a system.