Awesome album is my playground for ideas related to viewing and experimenting with photos.


Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB for the backend, Vue/Nuxt.js for the front, including nuxt i18n. Running with nginx and certbot/letsencrypt and docker-compose for DevOps.


With traveldays up and running, I wanted a photo album that wouldn’t be dependent on a map and locations, so that I can use it for sharing normal photo albums. I already had the infrastructure, so awesome album is more about exploring different ways of utilizing that tech.


Awesome album is a lot more experimental than traveldays. For example, I’ve tried:

  • an AI that recommends emojis for the photos you upload, which then get placed on the background of the page. For this I scraped a popular photo sharing platform for posts with emojis and trained a model in Tensorflow, which I then exported to Tensorflow.js. The model is smaller than 10MB and runs in the browser.
  • a 3D photo book, which I wrote about here
  • turning 2D photos into interactive 3D images using AI, which also runs completely in the browser. Link

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